‘Plastic Heart’ is the buoyant Brit-pop number from UK’s Charlotte Hall

Plastic is a material synonymous with our modern day life, it’s malleable and readily found, but it can also be easily destroyed unlike stone or metal. It’s for these reasons that singer and songwriter Charlotte Hall has made a clever metaphor out of it for her new single ‘Plastic Heart’.

This synth-forward pop-rock tune hinges on the memorable lyric “you’ve got a plastic heart, that you could pull apart”. It’s one of the many statements that Hall makes throughout the song that puts her self-worth first, something that we can all be encouraged to do more with this buoyant and honest single.

There’s an obvious late 80s Brit-pop influence to ‘Plastic Heart’ which is derived from Hall’s love of The Stone Roses’ ‘She Bangs The Drums’, particularly the riff that inspired her own song’s bold hook. As she goes on to explain, “I felt it was about someone who was fake/untrue to their intentions. I got stuck for a while writing it, but a few months later, I had a realisation that I was being strung along by someone I was interested in.”

As such we can perceive this song as a genuine and personal message from this British musician that calls out toxic behaviour, but someone she’s still made it onto a song that you easily imagine on the radio or as the soundtrack to a retro movie.

You can also find ‘Plastic Heart’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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