‘Daffodils’ is the quirky indie-pop must listen from Yoder

So many months on and we’re still unravelling all the trauma and pain of the covid-19 pandemic, with the music industry being no exception. We’ve featured countless sounds from people of all backgrounds and nationalities who seek solace and healing through songwriting; the latest of these is Yoder. The New York-based artist shares his own experience in ‘Daffodils’, the cathartic indie-pop track that takes the listener on a whole emotional journey.

From the start, ‘Daffodils’ strikes us as an upbeat single with chunky piano chords, ticking percussion and Yoder‘s playful melody. However, this is only a facade to cover up the deep sense of unhappiness felt in the depth of the pandemic. In this way, this optimistic backdrop serves to emphasise the musician’s cutting lyrics, like “every time I’m in the moment, my demons they replay my flaws, remind myself daily Im broken, and this was a storm that I caused.” Yoder creates a further sense of strife through the seemingly unreachable promise of “daffodils”, a traditional symbol of youth, happiness and renewal, which contrast to the withering condition of the protagonist’s mental state.

Evidently, Yoder is unafraid of delving honestly into these matters and through the quirky-yet-vulnerable ‘Daffodils’ we the listen are able to address our own ordeal of the past few years.

You can also find ‘Daffodils’ in both our Shades Of Pop and Outsiders Club playlist.

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