L.A. band Brother Swan make their impressive debut with slacker-rock single ‘Good Luck Baby’

It’s always such a joy to host a band or artist’s debut track here at Unrecorded and that’s the case with new Los Angeles outfit Brother Swan. Composed of Chris Matthews (vocals), Chris Weisson (drums) and Ian Stahl (bass), this trio put forward ‘Good Luck Baby’ the first taste of their upcoming album, Loom.

Very much inspired by musical greats like LCD Soundsystem, the Beach Boys, and David Bowie, the band bring forward their own surf-side nonchalantness that’s naturally embedded with the ’90s-esque slacker rock of this track. Over an immersive soundscape of relentless guitars, melodic bass lines, tambourine shakes, hand claps and shambling drums, the lyrics reveal suitably pensive strain of thought. In drawn out notes, Matthews’ sings “can you save me from myself?”, a question that goes unanswered but in nonetheless a potent message.

To give more context to ‘Good Luck Baby’, Brother Swan collectively says that it’s “a song about a contradictory approach to romantic relationships. Thinking about the downfall of the relationship before it’s even begun, avoidant tendencies undermine us when we reach out for love and partnership. In the chorus, the line “Can you save me from myself?” is the crux of the matter. The fear of disappointing someone overrides the desire to try to begin the relationship. In the end, we wind up feeling more alone even as we reach out for companionship.”

That need for connection is an intrinsic part of the human experience and that’s certainly something you’ll find in the authentic expression of Brother Swan.

Check out ‘Good Luck Baby’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

Where to find Brother Swan:





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