Scottish rock band PRIMES embrace human fragility in the glorious ‘Paper In The Rain’

Continuing our theme of expansive rock music today, we have a treat for you from the Scottish town of Falkirk and their latest and greatest export PRIMES (composed of Ollie, Sarah, Reece and Ray). This four-piece band are in the process of releasing their debut EP, Colour, of which new single ‘Paper In The Rain’ has been taken from.

Even before we listened to this, we were intrigued by the poetic title ‘Paper In The Rain’. An image of that flimsy material disintegrating under the force of nature flashed into our mind; this assumption was readily backed up by what the band member Ollie had to say about this impactful new song:

“‘Paper In The Rain’ is a metaphor for human fragility. Someone so broken, so lost, so hurt that even the slightest touch, word, or feeling could overwhelm them.”

So without further ado, let’s get into the track. Opening with an addictive bass riff, we’re swiftly launched into the tightly knitted sound of guitar, drums and bass which creates the sturdy platform for the unbelievable vocals of Ollie and Sarah. It’s a proper indie-rock anthem full of rich textures and a joyful tempo that makes this one and instant classic.

What we love about ‘Paper In The Rain’ is that although it’s about the frailty of humanity, it’s not a forlorn tear-jerker, instead the band embrace the shortcomings. Like Sarah tells us, the “lyrics are sort of inspired by ‘Everybody Hurts’ by REM, meaning everyone can be a little fragile sometimes.”

PRIMES are clearly also keen to remind listeners and watchers of their Scottish heritage, with a music video set amongst some truly glorious scenery of their home country.

You can also listen to ‘Paper In The Rain’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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