Detroit rockers Touch the Clouds release their 90s-era track ‘Feeling Light’

When you hit play on Touch the Cloud‘s newest single ‘Feeling Light’, you could be forgiven for assuming that you’d accidentally skipped a minute such is the immediacy of this 90s-era indie-rock track. Signalled by an old-school drum stick count in, the Detroit-based rockers waste no time at all getting into the groove of this rambunctious track. It’s alive with a kinetic life force that’s just about restrained within the confines of these three minutes and fifty seconds.

Aside from being an utterly captivating and energizing listen, ‘Feeling Light’ is purposefully constructed to replicate the frenzy of today’s non-stop world. It’s then through their compassionate lyrics, that they remind the listener to make time to sit in the sun, breathe deeply and let it all go.

It’s after the song’s crescendo-like high point (ending around the 2:27 mark) that we’re given our own opportunity for meditative stillness, guided by warbling and cosmic sounds that seemingly hang mid-air. It’s a powerful contrast and in this way, ‘Feeling Light’ really is a story of two halves. It’s up to the audience to allow themselves to go on this enlightening journey.

Produced by Joe Philips, Erik Maluchnik, Adam Cox and mastered at Third Man Mastering by His Name is Alive paragon, Warren Defever, check out Touch the Cloud‘s ‘Feeling Light’ below.

You can also listen to ‘Feeling Light‘ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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