‘Don’t Say No’ is the Maddisun’s positive manifestation track

Making her first appearance here on Unrecorded is independent Canadian artist Maddisun with her vibrant indie-pop single ‘Don’t Say No’. This upbeat number is in reaction to a series of rejections that the musician had received, but as soon as an opportunity arrived to travel to Los Angeles and record at PSY Sounds Records, she was the one to at last say yes!

“Truly it was about taking the risk and just going for it, and that’s the idea of the song as well, no holding back,” states Maddisun.

As for the song itself, ‘Dont’ Say No’ starts off with rhythmic instrumentation that creates a marching timbre, as they we’re all heading towards something significant. The sparkling synths give off a dreamy and hopeful air, which is very much reflected in Maddisun‘s soaring vocals. With lyrics like “take a chance, take a chance on me”, we can’t help but we swept up in the uplifting and motivational manifestation that has got this talent this far.

‘Don’t Say No’ is the first single from her upcoming album, Home is Where the Music Is. Watch this space!

You can also listen to ‘Don’t Say No’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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