On The Record: Khadi Lee

Welcome to Unrecorded! For those who haven’t come across Khadi Lee before, how would you describe your sound?

Thank you for having me! The Khadi Lee sound is a mix of fun high energy records, with romance and a sex appeal that’s sure to set the mood.

You’ve released your Sneaky Link EP, a six-track record packed full of smooth R&B numbers. What’s the main thread that ties these songs together?  

This project tells the story of our current dating culture. You’ll find open elusive moments that blur the lines of friendship and romantic chemistry. It encompasses a roller coaster of blunt honest emotions.

 Do you have a favourite song from the EP? And why that one?

I actually don’t have a favorite track on this EP because I feel like each track is favorable to the next one so it’s a play through for me, I actually enjoy listening to the entire project.

I have to address the unavoidable, how come you decided to put the secretive world of a casual physical relationship into music?

Because it’s  honest, I think that most times we try to avoid things because we allow ourselves to think that they’re negative and we don’t want to be judged. they don’t have to be negative, ultimately we’re all looking for growth and love. You sometimes learn what type/how to love through these situations.

You’re from Cleveland, Ohio, so did growing up there influence your sound in any way?

I think growing up in Cleveland has a huge part in who I am and some of the topics that I speak about, however I think music is evergrowing. I grow and take a little bit from the type of artist that I like and the culture itself. My experiences really serve my art. 

Final question, what other exciting plans do you have for this year? Any more new music or live shows?

I’m extremely excited to see what comes with the Sneaky Link project we’re definitely putting together some show dates so be on the lookout for that. We also have some cool collaborations in the work that’ll be dropping so who knows we might even get some merch soon so you definitely want to keep a lookout for all those things on my socials as I will be taking everyone along the ride.

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