‘Drag Me Down’ is the heavy-rock fireball from L.A.’s Evol Walks

This week we’d like to introduce you to an artist quite like no other – Evol Walks. As well as bearing a bad ass name, this five-piece band is fronted by Australian musician Leah Martin-Brown who is set out to be a future rock icon thanks to her unapologetically ferocious sound and flame-haired style. The Los Angeles-based outfit certainly doesn’t disappoint with their newest single ‘Drag Me Down’, which is a titanic rock anthem bathed in fiery guitars and thunderous drums.

It’s noteworthy that this track is another product of the covid-19 pandemic, or to be more accurate, it’s a retaliation to that time of isolation and stillness. As far as Evol Walks was concerned, that lack of progress just wouldn’t do, so when the opportunity came in October 2020 for Martin-Brown to travel to Sweden and begin working with the famous Blue Lemon label, she took it with both hands. Those months in the Scandinavian winter working with some of the country’s finest rock musicians gave new life to her already vivacious sound.

Here, Evol Walks reflect on the intensity of this new single:

“’Drag Me Down is a twisted love song. You know that this person is bad for you and everything will end in misery but you want to be pulled down with them. You want to surrender. To me it can represent any kind of dependent relationship- whether it is a human being or a chemical. Both can be equally dangerous and both have the capability to destroy.”

‘Drag Me Down‘ will feature on Evol Walks’ upcoming album, so keep tabs on this unmissable band.

You can also listen to ‘Drag Me Down’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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