‘Summertime’ is the hazy indie-folk track from Danish songwriter BREGN

We’re just one day after the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere and it’s a significant reminder of the power that this season holds. With the longer days and warmer climes comes greater possibilities and an adventurous spirit. In other ways, it’s more confining and challenging. It’s in new single ‘Summertime’ from Danish singer and songwriter BREGN that our perspective of this time is brought into a new light.

‘Summertime’ is a strangely nostalgic and bittersweet single that opens with a hypnotic acoustic guitar before introducing BREGN‘s understated vocals. While the indie-folk influence is apparent in the jaunty chord switches and overall instrumentation, it’s actually the lo-fi style and shoegaze undertones that we find most intriguing. Both the melodies and DIY production give off this sentimental air of the 90s, drawing comparisons to Bill Ryder-Jones and Elliott Smith.

As a result, the impression that BREGN imports is one of disassociated observation. He isn’t at the centre of the sun-fuelled activity, rather he sits on the outside looking in. His voice is full of longing and yet the hazy production keeps the songwriter apart from the world which is just out of reach. It’s not a physical separation, it’s purely emotional and mental, and it’s something that many listeners will be able to relate to.

In short, ‘Summertime’ is a lofi ode to the outsider.

You can also listen to ‘Summertime’ in our Folky This Way playlist.

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