‘On My Sleeve’ marks incredible debut from Canadian Hip Hop artist Charlie Noiir


Offering a fused extravaganza of Hip Hop, Soul and R&B, Toronto based star Charlie Noiir has got us hooked with his fresh debut album ‘On My Sleeve’! To top off the seven existing thrilling tracks including our favourites ‘Beside Me’ and ‘Ugly’, Noiir treats us with eight brand new stirring songs. 

Sharing more on the project Charlie describes,

“I really wanted this project to speak to who I was as an artist whilst creating it. I didn’t want to just zero in on one aspect of my artistry and I was very deliberate in how I approached every record. I believe one of my gifts is my ability to write to anything, any style of music but the challenge was creating something that sounded seamless. Something that from start to finish made absolute sense but when listened to individually, record by record, still left their own distinct impression. It was difficult yet fulfilling to push myself in so many directions but I’m glad I took on the challenge as my growth as an artist is evident throughout this body work.

Opening with the captivating track ‘On My Sleeve’, Charlie Noiir promises an enticing emotional journey from the very beginning. He ventures into wavy number ‘Stars’, explores intricacy in ‘Paranoid’, connects with listeners on ‘Nipsey’s Parable (Interlude)’. Every track falls into the next seamlessly while still maintaining a defined individuality. Noiir’s mastery in storytelling extends in the multiple layers of ‘Poltergeist’, all the way through to the intensity of ‘The Plan’ and assertiveness of ‘Reasons’ (feat. Tribe Alexander). Weaved throughout the track list is an unmistakable honesty that becomes genuinely addictive. 

Listen to the full project below:


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