The Horn make their debut with optimistic indie-rock tune ‘Passion’

One track that was waiting in our inbox when we returned that stood out amongst the rest was ‘Passion’ by The Horn, aka Nick True (bass) Jonny Taylor (vocals and guitar), Danny Monk (multi-instrumental), Ed Cox (keyboards) and Alex Moorse (drums). This simpatico quintet first got together on the initiative of founding member Nick True who recruited all these talented musicians to realise a long kept vision for a rock-pop project with good songwriting at its centre. We say long kept because Nick has been part of the music industry since the 1980’s when the bassist was in his 20’s, in a band called Friends of Gavin and was touring with REM. Categorically, he’s learnt a thing or two along the years and that effortless professionalism shines through in ‘Passion’.

Interestingly, the origins of ‘Passion’ also date back to the 80’s and you can imagine how good it must feel for Nick to have this song finally out there.

“I suppose looking back, it was about the roller coaster of life in my 20’s. The song always stayed with me and a few years ago I came back to it and wrote the second verse which got me excited about it again. When I played it to Jonny, he liked it straight away and we started work on a new demo. We took it into the studio and came up with some new musical ideas like a new solo by Danny which gave a lot of musicality to play against the constant rhythms. Now it’s finished, it feels special to me because it straddles decades of my life and as the chorus goes, ‘what a feeling’ hearing it finally fulfilled!“, shares Nick True.

That’s something that strikes us about this tightly-knitted recording, it’s the optimistic and joy you’ll find here. The Horn have just started their journey and as far as debut tunes go, this one is a winner.

You can also find ‘Passion’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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