‘You’re Heaven’ is the groovy, big-band single from Michigan’s The Erly

We’ve been enjoying a little downtime here at Unrecorded, but now we’re back to business and the soundtrack that we’re strutting back to the inbox to is ‘You’re Heaven’ by The Erly. This Michigan four-piece has a soft spot for all the soul and groove of retro decades and you can hear that in full force here. A 70s West Coast sound has been put in the forefront with a sauntering rhythm, subtle disco undertones, and golden soul melodies. This already full-bodied sound is given an extra oomph thanks to the addition of numerous horn and string players who were brought into the recording to give ‘You’re Heaven’ that bold, big-band sound.

The decisive action of growing their style in this way, also marks a new path for The Erly, which they reflect on here:

“It’s a trivial pursuit into prosperity with a partner. This song to us is a statement of where we’ve been and where we’re trying to go. We love our fans, but we wanna invite new listeners with something fresh.”

It’s an instantly uplifting song that kinda makes us want to don a pair of skates and head down to the roller disco. Equal parts wholesome and funky as hell, we’re invested in ‘You’re Heaven’ and the future progress of this special indie band.

You can also dance along to ‘You’re Heaven’ in our Soul & Grooves playlist.

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