On The Record: Ian Janco

Welcome to Unrecorded! For those who haven’t come across Ian Janco before, how would you describe your sound?

Folk pop with an ambient touch!

You’ve released your Rapture EP, a six-track record packed full of gorgeous songs. What’s the main thread that ties these songs together?

Healing, I think. These songs were from a time in my life where everything fell apart and I was left with only music to guide me through for a while. Songwriting has always helped me process changes and emotions, but this phase was definitely the most I’ve ever leaned on songwriting. The initial force that generated these songs was heartbreak, but the bittersweet beauty that underlies and eventually overrides the pain is what it feels like to heal.

Do you have a favourite song from the EP? And why that one?

Rapture. It was the first song of the cycle and definitely felt like it contained the DNA for the whole project when I wrote it. It means something to me on a very personal, philosophical level that I struggle to put into words… Rapture means the end of the world, but it also means joy. I equated the feeling of love, of belonging, with the idea of rapture. So, “rapture, spread your wings for me, fly until you find your missing light” is like saying goodbye to love, until we meet again.

I have to address the unavoidable, you grew up on Carole King’s ranch?! Did that have an impact on the kind of music you make now?

I did indeed. And yes, it definitely set me on a trajectory to make a certain kind of music. I was always really inspired by the singer songwriter generation, and being in Carole’s orbit as a kid definitely influenced me to pursue music wholeheartedly. Also, she set the bar pretty high!

Nowadays you live in London, did that move change your approach to songwriting at all?

Completely. Every move I’ve made has altered my approach, but I think I’ve leveled up as a songwriter most in London. Being on the writing session game really intensively for a while introduced me to a lot of incredibly talented people. I’ve learned a lot and worked as a songwriter across different genres and hope tat all that input will eventually translate into a fusion of genres in my music down the line.

What other artist’s from your local scene do you recommend to our readers?

Nick Wilson, Julia Church, Ross Quinn, Rules, Beth McCarthy, The Unbeat Soul!

For any budding songwriters out there, what’s your top piece of advice for them?

Write as much as you can. Try to make a habit of writing first thing in the morning, as that’s when your mind is at its most creative. The more you show up for the craft, the easier ideas will come.

Final question, what other exciting plans do you have for this year? Any more new music or live shows?

I’m working on the next EP, Reverie. Hoping to have it wrapped by the end of the summer and play a launch show around October! Really enjoying making music at the moment and can’t wait to release more!

Where to find Ian Janco:



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