SAER wraps the listener in 80s with his synth-fronted single ‘Sorry’

This week, we’re excited to introduced you to SAER, the Birmingham-based musician who isn’t afraid to experiment with his sound. After all, he does cite a broad range of influences, from iconic mainstays like Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley, through to a modern-day appreciation for Susanne Sundfør, Aurora, Michael Nyman and Chilly Gonzales. As such, his newest single ‘Sorry’ sees the artist time-travel Delorean style from a modern production to timeless vocals to retro beats.

Here, SAER shares some of the process behind this adventurous new song:

“When recording there was a reverb on the vocal that held my attention and I just wanted to experiment with different soundscapes. The synths added such a drive later in the song and allowed for great fun recording the vocals in homage to some retro pleasures!”

In this post Stranger Things world, synthesizers have become an ever-more important tool for musicians to enhance their songs with a layer of cinematic drama that a modern day audience will readily understand. It’s clear that SAER is plugged in to the zeitgeist and his new single is awash with 80s sensibilities, as you’ll hear via the sparking synth keys or the gated reverb percussion that lusciously fill the space.

Throughout it all, we’re impressed by the British artists expressive and dynamic vocals, which really do the work at connecting the listener to that classic 80s vibe through the rhythmic verses. Later, he pulls all the emotions out of us with those ascending high notes in the chorus. The intensity to be found in ‘Sorry’ towards the end really demonstrates SAER‘s clear vision; from the stripped-back opening right on through the the layered frenzy of sound, all before it all theatrically falls away in one fell swoop.

You can also listen to ‘Sorry’ in our Electro Feels and Indie Rockers playlists.

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