‘Slip Away’ is the evocative alt-rock single from emerging duo Moonlight Thief

“You cannot deny my special place within your sorry heart”, is the pained, earnest and pleading central lyrics on Moonlight Thief‘s new single ‘Slip Away’. That line really digs into the core of this epic five minute and twelve second track, as it’s a slice of the palpable desperation exerted by German duo. We might be tempted at this point to use the well-trodden phrase “mature beyond their years”, but really maturity just comes down to experience and we’re sensing that Emily Küpers (vocals, acoustic guitars) and Alexander Almering (electric guitars, drums) have experience their fair share of life. That’s because ‘Slip Away’ so accurately depicts the final, hail-mary argument where you say everything that you’ve been holding back for those past few miserable months or weeks in a broken relationship.

Like Moonlight Thief so succinctly put it, ‘Slip Away’ was “Inspired by all that is human and influenced by singers and songwriters from the past and present, our guitar-driven music captures the spirit of the times. At a time when virtually everything feels extreme, the reference points are broad and psychically stirring. With raw power and intimacy our self-deprecating lyrics pick up the riveting fragments of everyday life, deliver a deeper understanding of heartbreak and sadness and build on the transformative power of vulnerability.”

The pair lay that deep sorrow and bitter heartbreak on thick throughout the song, not only in the vulnerable lyrics, but also in the alt-rock instrumentation. It’s a classic combination of guitars, drums and piano, but that’s what makes this sound so authentic and equally evocative of the timeless (perhaps slightly more late 90s) quality here.

While Moonlight Thief might have started out as a school project between this talented pair, we sincerely hope that they’ll be encourage by the release and continue to put out such stirring and honest music as this.

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