From Eric Bolton’s upcoming Here Between LP, it’s the passionate rock single ‘Neon Soul’

Coming in hot with a searing classic rock sound is the Canadian artist Eric Bolton, whose powerful vocals were made perfectly for the fiery blend of anthemic guitars, grandiose piano chords and thunderous drums that you’ll find in his newest single ‘Neon Soul’.

Like the brightly shining image that this song’s title evokes, Bolton‘s passion for his music burns on throughout this three and a half minute recording. We especially love the powerful moments of this sound when all the instruments, the gospel-style choir and the singer’s full-throttle voice comes together; this full picture is one of pure resoluteness and hard-work.

Here to shed further intel on the track, Eric Bolton tells us that, “‘Neon Soul’ is a track about needing your inner light to shine really brightly so you can follow it through all the haziness that you may be navigating. Letting that light of the soul be bright neon to lead the way.”

No doubt that ‘Neon Soul’ will be illuminating the path towards the Canadian’s upcoming album release, Here Between.

You can also listen to ‘Neon Soul’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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