On The Record: HOLMES

Welcome to Unrecorded! For those who haven’t come across HOLMES before, how would you describe your sound?

The best way I can describe it is exciting, anthemic and powerful. In all my records I aim to create these special moments that people can catch themselves in and really feel.

You’re from the town of Guildford in the UK, would you say that growing up there informed the way you approach and write music?

So originally I grew up in the North East of England and moved down to Guildford when I was 18. My music grew a great deal from there because I was constantly surrounded by like minded people who constantly pushed me to do more and do better. It opened my eyes to new ways of doing things and challenged me to be a lot better.

Speaking of influences, which bands and artists are your biggest inspirations?

For me there are many bands and artists that have inspired different aspects of what I do. The likes of Twenty One Pilots really helped me look at my artistry as a whole and how to present my music. Jon Bellion inspired me to be more passionate within records and showed how to explore that passion for music. Catfish and the Bottlemen inspired me to write big anthemic indie records. There’s such a wide range of artists that have created the way I see my music.

‘If It Was Up To Me’ was your debut single, which was obviously a significant moment for you. How was the experience of releasing your first single?

Releasing the first single was an amazing thing for me. It is the start of something I am so excited for and just allowed me to showcase myself from the very first moment. That single was just a start for me and the records to come are even more exciting.

Now we’re onto your sophomore track ‘Never Learning’, what’s this song about?

Never Learning is about two people that seem to be stuck in this lustful situation. They are both acutely aware of the difficulties this situation causes for them and yet never seem to learn from their mistakes which causes them to be stuck in a cycle.

Both of these tracks use a slick combination of rock and indie-pop, what drew you to this sound?

The feeling I got from listening to other artists and bands creating this sort of music. There’s just certain records that get me so excited and hyped up. It’s those goosebump moments you get from a powerful chorus or ‘thrashy’ drum fill that I want to bring to my own music. You can create those anthemic moments through rock and indie-pop where everyone can just scream the lyrics and be so in the moment and that’s what I want with these records.

Final question, what other exciting plans do you have for this year? Any more new music or live shows?

There will be a few more tracks coming this year which I am very very excited about. I may have some live shows coming later in the year so people will have to keep an eye out for any announcements.

Check out ‘Never Learning’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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