Late night drives down ‘Queen St’ with Jayd Ink


“To clear my head, I like to go for a ride, play some music or just drive in silence.”

We can’t deny, driving does quite something for the mind! And what better track to accompany our inner dialogue than Jayd Ink’s brand new ‘Queen St’? The Canadian singer has outdone herself with this one, joining forces with SZA’s ‘Good Days’ production king Los Hendrix. It’s the collab of the year in our book – just sayin’. 

“This record is about sitting with yourself and going for that late drive to unwind from the day. Queen Street is a popular street in Toronto. During lockdown, it was deserted, so it was a perfect drive and I’d never seen it so empty.”

Greatly introspective, Jayd Ink manages to deliver a decorous performance of honeyed sounds, with her staple tone, airy and elevated. This one will be heading straight into our Night Drive playlist for those evenings we’ll be feeling pensive and mysterious. 

Diving deep into the creative process behind the track, Jayd explains, ““A few years ago I was feeling stuck, lost in my thoughts and unmotivated. I was in my head a lot about my life, my purpose and what’s next. I felt like I was stuck in Toronto, not being able to travel like I used to, had me feeling a bit stagnant. I used to go for drives in the night time to see the empty streets during the lockdown. “Queen street”, one of the busiest streets in Toronto, was now almost vacant. I thought – perfect… but this song went through many stages,  it was first called “Stuck in Toronto” until I met the producer Los Hendrix in Los Angeles. He played this beautiful melody that I fell in love with. What I had before didn’t feel the same so I rewrote it and named it – Queen St. ”  

Watch ‘Queen St’ below now:



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