Asha Gold is here to liven up our summer with her single ‘Up To Me’

Delivered with class, ‘Up To Me’ is about “growing up and entering the real world”. Asha Gold showcases her new uptempo and melodic track with a playful nostalgia we didn’t know we were missing out on. 

This track is delightfully clever and quirky as it unveils the artist’s witty character. Asha Gold connects with her inner child to expose thoughts and feelings us adults are often too discrete to voice ourselves – she’s doing us a favour basically. Picture this: you meet someone and you have too many responsibilities to even admit you’d like to stop time and spend endless days with said person. Asha puts our life on hold for a few minutes to give us the time to embrace that juvenile wish. 

Thanks to Louis Fulford Smith’s (Bamily) production, the effect is enhanced even further with a meticulously curated sound palette. ‘Up To Me’ is the prime example of when fun meets quality: the product is an addictive number, relatable and unforgettable. The vibrancy of the sound is palpable, and there’s nothing more satisfying than music you can feel beyond hearing.

You can also listen to ‘Up To Me’ in our R&B For Days playlist.

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