Sam Himself offers sophomore album taster ‘Never Let Me Go’

Sam Himself is giving us a taste of his upcoming album with brand new single ‘Never Let Me Go’ and we don’t think we’re ready! This track is repeatedly blowing us off our feet, charming us with an organic imprint. And don’t even get us started on the music video – a breathtaking show of gorgeous Iceland, perfectly paired with the greatly peculiar choreography adopted by the artist expressing raw emotion. 

Weaved through a poetic arrangement of acoustic guitar and delicate embellishments, Sam Himself’s vocals sound like the wind, hushing against the sharp synths and steady beat. The elements work together to create an endearing amalgamation. It is exciting to witness a body of work that values music for its curative powers. Sam swears by musical expression for healing and growth. 

Inspired by new beginnings, ‘Never Let Me Go’ is the fruit of a sleepless year for the artist, followed by the ever-so-sweet plot twist of love. The track illustrates the light he was finally able to see after a pitch black time, a magnetic relief, tinged with an exhilarating fear of having something – or someone – to lose. Come on, who doesn’t love that?

If ‘Never Let Me Go’ is just a glimpse of what Sam Himself has up his sleeve, we cannot even begin to fathom what he’s capable of.

You can also listen to ‘Never Let Me Go’ in our Indie Rockers and Outsiders Club playlists.

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