Escape from the world with Natalie Holme’s indie-pop single ‘Floating TV’

Natalie Holmes‘Floating TV’ is the resplendent indie-pop single for wandering minds, inner children, and adulthood insecurities. This single in particular is reminiscent of late-00s icon Feist or the singer-songwriter mainstay Lucy Rose, and like those artist’s this British talent was inspired by her personal world.

“I have this ever-present sadness at the way the world is becoming more limiting, constantly feeding us stimulation and keeping us needing or wanting an endless cycle of stuff and achievements. This song is about rebelling I suppose – in a sweet, naive kinda way”, openly shares Holmes.

Throughout ‘Floating TV’, she presents a series of contradictory questions, “do I want to move in, do I want to move out?” and “do I want to be seen, do I want to be hidden?” These are propositions lingering at the back of many of our unconscious minds, yet in this song they are hand-picked by Holmes and brought to the surface. She brings these seemingly inconsequential musings to the fore aided by a sweeping array of instrumentation.

The organic arrangement of paced drums, stirring guitars and tempered piano give an earthy backdrop to the artist’s fluttering vocal, which is full of introspective insight and escapist hope. As the song progresses, there comes a sense of lulling calm as soaring harmonies lead into the song’s central lyric, “we’ll watch as the sea takes our floating TV and imagine our life with a purpose.” This message at the heart of Holmes‘ cinematic storytelling is to simply let go of anything that impedes you life’s vision… or at least, to dream of doing so.

You can also listen to ‘Floating TV’ in our Folk This Way and Shades of Pop playlists.

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