Manchester indie duo sleepyhead head up new EP with DIY creation ‘In Nature’

sleepyhead is an indie-pop duo from Manchester, composed of Seb Reid (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Matt Davies (secondary vocals, lead guitar), and ‘In Nature’ is the first taste of the pair’s upcoming EP of the same name. From the outset, there’s a welcoming nostalgia to the track, with its full-fronted guitars and lo-fi vocals. Like the acts that inspire the project, such as Alvvays, Pinegrove and Japanese Breakfast, we’re greeted by an authentic bedroom studio sound, particularly at the start when the voice is more disparate and chords more somnambulist.

What’s special about ‘In Nature’ is that all the earnestness and energy from that opening carries on through the track, which then seems to have a transformative effect. The sonic lines become bolder, the vocals gain a clarity and the rhythm evolves to more movement inducing beat. Suddenly, the juvenile sound has matured into a thumping indie anthem, although it still retains all that youthfulness that first drew us in.

It’s clear that as a duo sleepyhead has a native instinct for songwriting and they aren’t afraid of exposing the mechanics beneath the polished finale.

You can also listen to ‘In Nature’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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