‘Early Warning’ is the evocative debut from Paper Hands

Paper Hands is the new project of musicians Jordan Campbell (lead vocals) and Billy Taylor (drums/ guitar/bass), who met as a couple of young kids on an RAF airbase in Yorkshire. Who could have guessed that nearly three decades later, they would have had seperate careers in music and who eventually bring their experiences, skills, journeys and stories together, even though they still live a far distance away from each other. Campbell is based in Ayr, Scotland, although he spent much of his childhood in France, before going on to start a band in 2013 called The Belafonte, which lasted until November 2019. On the other hand, Taylor resides in Birmingham, England, although originally from the North East of the country and with strong Scottish roots, and it’s worth mentioning that he toured and charted with multiple rock acts such as Inglorious, DeeVer and
Vega, as well as collaborating with pop-rock artists like The UMA.

The duo share their love of a wide-range of artists and genres, which we believe comes through in their debut single ‘Early Warning‘. Throughout this eccentric and vibrant track you’ll hear elements of rock, post-punk, pop, indie and the singer-songwriter, that’s altogether used to create this wholly evocative song. One can’t help but notice that desperate pleas of “would you give it up, to be get better?”, alluding the the darker undertones behind the dramatic story that Paper Hands unfolds here.

Expanding on how ‘Early Warning’ came to be, Taylor shares some insight:

“Early Warning started life as nothing but a voice note but became the catalyst for us creating Paper Hands. As a song it is a pure and honest exploration of styles bonded together by a signature rawness we aim to preserve. The way we write lyrics comes more from feeling than direct story telling or anecdotal referencing and ‘Early Warning’ is not exempt from this. This means that even to us, the songs meaning can change from time to time depending on how you listen to it. It also leaves it open to interpretation from whoever choses to listen to it.” 

It’s a raw and tangible track that has set Paper Hands off to a fantastic start. We can’t wait to hear more from these talented collaborators.

You can also listen to ‘Early Warning’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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