‘Alone in the Night’ is the sensitive, genre-crossing dance track from Belladaprima

Don’t be fooled by the good-girl-next-door image that Belladaprima portrays in her recent press photo, because it’s clear from her empowered, genre-crossing sound that this Canadian artist has perfected that she’s a force to be reckoned with. One such song lifted from her Primadonna album that steps onto the scene as a bold club tune is ‘Alone in the Night’.

The track is an electrified fusion of R&B, pop and hip-hop that’s reminiscent of dance tracks from the mid-2010s, but unlike the litany of often male producers, Belladaprima uses this space to create an emotionally safe world for the party-goer. ‘Alone in the Night’ might be hella catchy with those cyclical pop melodies and confident rap verses, plus irresistibly danceable thanks to those thumping beats, but at its core is the sensitive inner world of the Ontario singer and songwriter. It was inspired by her experience of  insomnia and sleep codependency (when someone requires another person in the house/same room to sleep), but it’s also a wider subject of loneliness that can touch anyone’s heart.

As a final sign off, Belladaprima shares a special message: “Not everyone is that lucky to have a house full of people, for the kids who grew up alone, this one for you.”

You can also listen to ‘Alone in the Night’ in our Electro Feels playlist.

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