Freya Beer returns with electro pop love affair ‘Honeymoon Eyes’, featuring Tom Saint

Earlier this year, London’s glam/goth artist Freya Beer made her first appearance on Unrecorded with the dark pop single ‘Love Child’. Now, she’s back and still within the world of pop, although she’s left out the violins and solo performance in exchange for beat driven electronica with cowriter/singer Tom Saint. Of course, we’re talking about her new track release ‘Honeymoon Eyes’.

As expected with a Freya Beer production, ‘Honeymoon Eyes’ begins in dramatic fashion with a warped melody (that’s strangely reminiscent of the soundtracks to black and white movies) and brooding bass notes. But then we were taken entirely surprise by the trap inspired beats that underpin the entire track. Contrasting to the metallic tones of those beats are the mellifluous vocals of both Freya Beer and Tom Saint who take it in turns to sing about their toxic love affair.

The sudden change of style to Freya Beer‘s sound makes more sense when she explains that this “is the perfect introduction to my next musical journey which I like to call my ‘Gothic-Disco’. The song embodies a dreamy essence but still pays homage to my “gothic-noir” which I’ve carried in my music from the beginning. The subject of the song is about being with an individual which feels too good to be true and plays a part in forbidden love.”

You can also listen to ‘Honeymoon Eyes’ below and in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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