LOOME and Oktae collaborate on indie-pop wonder ‘Talking To Strangers’

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter Tomas Frankson, aka LOOME, is from the sleepy English county of Suffolk but his music is far from somnambulist, as you’ll hear from the new single ‘Talking To Strangers’. In fact, this is the kind of music that will keep you awake long into the night. This track is full of bouncing percussion and jovial synths that are sure to uplift any listener. LOOME is also joined by the talented vocalist Oktae whose honeyed pop vocals complement the rich timbre of Frankson’s own voice. Their collaboration really reminds us of Oh Wonder or Amethysts who utilise their effective harmonies to create the sense of a conversation that we’re eaves-dropping in on. The lyrics could easily be taken from those late night talks when you’re gazing at the stars and pondering life.

LOOME shares a little more about the motivation behind the gorgeous indie-pop single: “Opposites make life so vivid, think ‘love/hate’ or ‘life/death’; they’re emotive by default! When Oktae and I got together to write, we wanted to look at the newest dichotomy of recent history, music festivals versus lockdown. We wanted to write a song about reconnecting to the world. To bring us back, to re-centre us, to heal from the trauma of it all. To get back to Talking To Strangers for no reason at all other than the joy of it.”

You can enjoy more of LOOME‘s infectious sound in the newly released we’re all fvcked EP (listen here).

Find ‘Talking To Strangers’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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