‘You Should Find A New Boyfriend’ is Litvar’s explosive indie anthem

Litvar‘s brand new single ‘You Should Find A New Boyfriend’ is a tale of two sounds: restrained indie pop and explosive punk rock. It all hinges on the song’s sudden transition at the 1:36 minute mark. But why?

As we dig further into the backstory behind the song, we come to learn that this is the Litvar‘s effort at playing with and exploring dynamics, because when you can’t make a choice, why not just have both? At least, that’s what the band says:“Sonically, ‘Boyfriend’ is us playing with dynamics, exploring our electronic pop influences and satisfying our thirst for huge modern rock choruses. Lyrically, it’s about searching for space while being swallowed by anxiety, using the idea of begging for air in a strangling relationship.”

Somehow Litvar manage to fit so much into the regimented single length of under three minutes and thirty seconds, but it’s not messy or overwhelming. They really take their time building up the layers of sparkling beats and simmering angst in the lyrics, like the lead singer hints, “cause I don’t understand myself.” All of a sudden though, the track rapidly transforms into a hedonistic rock anthem as they give way to all of those complex emotions. It’s a really stunning effort from these newcomers from the little heard of town of Willimantic in Connecticut.

Excitingly, there’s more music in the works as Litvar promise the release of their second album, titled Eloquently Aimless, and due for release in 2023.

You can also listen to ‘You Should Find A New Boyfriend’ in our Indie Rockers and Outsiders Club playlists.

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