‘whisper’ is Eugenia Post Meridem’s enticing new single 

You know the music is tasty when the lines between the musician and the listener become blurred, when the musician feels one with the audience and vice versa. This is exactly the case with Eugenia Post Meridiem’s newest track ‘whisper’: “we are the musicians but we feel like a hypnotised audience”. 

The band quotes it to be a “dark ballad” designed to produce “the right mood rather than overdeveloping the structures”. It’s a textural number curated to be an immersive experience with its magnetic timbre, irregular progressions, and breathtaking sound design. 

Going into more detail, they explain,

In order to recreate an old ballad atmosphere, we used harmonised choirs and specific sound processing and timbre choices. When the song reaches the end it drags along while Giovanni plays a heartbreaking guitar solo as if he exorcizes the nostalgia accumulated during the song; we are the musicians but we feel like a hypnotised audience.”

If we were to break down Eugenia Post Meridiem’s DNA, we would find an eclectic and indecipherable spectacle of skill, imagination and wonder. We’ve been trying to work out the secret ingredient in a typical Eugenia Post Meridiem track, but like with a good magic trick, we have blissfully fallen for it and cannot get to the bottom of it. 



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