Turn that frown upside down with Bare Jams’ ‘Rockets’

Bare Jams is the genre-blending collective drawn from the creative hives of London and Bristol. Since 2011, this six-piece project is made up of  Ollie (Vocals/Guitar), Sam (Drums), Dave (Bass), Josh (Keys), Seb (Trumpet), Jake (Sax) has been making music and spreading the good vibes.

It’s something that you’ll hear in their newest single ‘Rockets’. This feel-good anthem pulls of elements of indie, rock, soul, psychedelia and jazz to from a soundscape that pushing the boundaries of this multi-faceted song. What might not be entirely obvious on first listen is that ‘Rockets’ contains a serious message between unassuming jaunty surface. Bare Jams applies their upbeat approach to music-making to unpack the overflow of negativity, echo chambers, fake news, and the evils of money and corruption that’s in our world right now.

As the band’s vocalist Ollie further explains: “The song floats the idea that we can create our own safe place that we nurture and maintain in order to get to our desired destinations and outcomes while spreading love at the same time. Rockets is a homage to positive perception and optimism.”

‘Rockets’ is all about balancing out all of the negativity that’s out of our control by making positivity in your own life an active choice.

You can listen to ‘Rockets’ in our Soul & Grooves and Outsiders Club playlists.

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