Ishani tips the balance in her dark-pop single ‘Powertripp’

London-based artist Ishani is an interestingly consistent creative who makes cross-genre music to expose the sides of life that we’d prefer not to think about. In the past, she’s tackled mental health and violence against women, whereas her new single takes into consideration the unbalanced power dynamics of toxic relationships. While a lot of music has been made about toxic love (if that is that even the right word for it), few have taken the time to think about why those situations are so difficult for people to get through. It’s in Ishani‘s newest single ‘Powertripp’ that we hear an insiders perspective – one who is torn down and then builds themself back up.

“This is a song about self-love and how you can overcome being in a toxic relationship where negative patterns repeat. You have to come to a point where you let go of the rope of that power struggle and choose yourself over the endless loops. Take off your mask and veil and walk away,” explains Ishani.

As far as soundtracks to toxic relationships go, ‘Powertripp’ hits the nail on the head of that weighty and dark atmosphere of one’s emotions. The artist employs a series of rhythmic beats that in some places sound like organic hand taps and in others are bass-y electronica – it adds that extra layer on tension. Floating over the top of this brooding dark-pop production is Ishani‘s melodious voice which is wrapped in a gossamer layer of reverberated mystic. You really can’t help but to be drawn into this satin-esque single.

You can listen to ‘Powertripp’ in our Shades of Pop and R&B For Days playlists, but don’t miss the stellar music video either – watch below.

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