Indie-rock band Birches release infectious new single ‘Be Unknown’

Despite the distance, the four members of the unstoppable indie-rock band Birches quench their thirst to create music together once again, this time producing a representation of their musical individuality in its truest form. 

‘Be Unknown’ is a song about ‘just getting up and doing it’. It is an encouragement, a reminder to go at your own pace, in the comfort of your own boundaries. The role of this song mirrors what music means to the members, Liam, Frankie, Jordie and Delaney. They see in music a sense of companionship, of union and support. They kindly spread this message in their words, sound progressions and arrangements. 

Describing ‘Be Unknown’ in more detail, they share,

“…it feels like everything before was all a prequel and Everything to come is the beginning of chapter one of our story. ‘BE UNKNOWN’ story is of just getting up and doing it, whether that’s calling a loved one, starting a new project or even just getting out of bed in the morning. All those things can be tough for someone and we hope this song can give the inspiration to do so.”

Listeners feel an immediate comfort and familiarity. ‘Be Unknown’ is a song you feel you’ve known forever, and Birches should be proud of this massive accomplishment. 


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