Listen to Jonathan Roy’s cheeky soul-pop single ‘Stay in Bed And F***’

Anchorman meets The Hangover in the comedic music video for Jonathan Roy‘s new single ‘Stay in Bed And F***’. We’ll let you fill in the blank there… Clearly, the Canadian artist isn’t afraid of being a little tongue-in-cheek whether that’s with his lyrics or his performance, just look at the rock’n’roll cliche that he portrays in the music video. He embodies every stereotype and we can’t help but have a chuckle while watching it. You almost forget that it’s a music video and not a trailer from some summer comedy film hit. But yes, this is definitely a single release and it’s bound for your grooviest and funkiest playlists.

Jonathan Roy‘s powerhouse vocals are absolutely unmissable – laced with soul and rock – they are just fantastic. His fun loving side comes through in spades in the quality of his easy-going voice and the cheeky words, through which you can practically hear him give you a little wink after making that rather persuasive suggestion. His voice fits perfectly into the woozy production funky bass, bluesy melodies and R&B beats. Altogether this song sways back and forth in a hypnotic yet pop fashion that is sure to cast a dazzling spell over the listener.

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