Listen to Mikano’s charismatic tune ‘Touché Coulé’

Feeding this year’s firing momentum, Parisian rapper Mikano strikes again. This time flooded in a wave of charisma, he presents single ‘Touché Coulé’ as part of his AKWA II EP. Designed to voice Mikano’s versatility and uniqueness, the track is an upbeat banger, speckled in smooth motifs and crisp progressions.

The rapper’s impeccable flow is absorbing as it becomes one with production, creating a show where both elements carry each other hand in hand.

To accompany the track is the magnetic music video. Cruising on the roof of a car, Mikano takes the viewer on a tour of his city and explains his determination to his career. ‘Touché Coulé’ ends on a warm note with a message of love and hope – truly the icing on top of the cake. 

You can listen to ‘Touché Coulé’ in our Hip, Hop & More playlist.

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