Touring partners Daisy Chute and Crawford Mack collab on ‘Parallel Roads’

Prepare for that jaw of yours to hit the floor when you hear the spine-tingling harmonies conjured up by Daisy Chute and Crawford Mack in this stunning rendition of ‘Parallel Roads’. Throughout November, the Scottish-American songwriter Chute was playing a string of shows throughout Scotland and the obvious choice for her support slot was of course Glaswegian musician Mack.

If you weren’t able to catch one of those shows, then lucky for you, the pair have brought some of their live magic into this recording of ‘Parallel Roads’. This acoustic folk-pop song captures their wonderful vocals over sensitively played guitar chords. The carefully handled lyrics convey a narrative on hurt and attachment within a love story and so their duetting style acts like two sides of a conversation in a relationship. 

Each of these musicians are noteworthy in their own right, but there’s something so special about this collaboration. We really hope this isn’t the last time that these two come together, but for now we can enjoy the transporting melodies of ‘Parallel Roads’.

Listen to ‘Parallel Roads’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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