‘Neptune’ is the rousing, synth-led indie-rock track from Sleep Kicks’ upcoming debut album

Even if you’re only vaguely familiar with Roman mythology, you’ve most likely heard of Neptune, the imposing “god of the sea” whose often represented with a trident and flowing beard. As such, you’d expect Sleep Kicks‘ single of the same name to be equally powerful.

With ‘Neptune’, the Norwegian indie band don’t disappoint, although they’ve taken a lighter, more playful approach than what initial came to our mind. It’s a vibrant indie-rock track that picks up elements of indie-pop and synth music to diversify their welcoming soundscape. We’re invited to the track by a jovial synth melody that’s matched by the uplifting percussion and swaying guitars, and yet already after the 30 second intro, we get the sense that all is not as it seems. The lead singer’s brooding voice questions “was it the unrelenting tide, that pulled you away that night?” Suddenly, we’re remind of humanity’s helplessness in the face of nature, something that became an all too painful reality for the band in their recent past.

Sleep Kicks share that, “The metaphorical ocean king in question is my dear friend Kyrre, who succumbed to cancer two years ago. I was asked to play Alan Walker’s international monster hit ‘Faded’ in the funeral, and the lines ‘where are you now / under the sea’ seemed to hint of his current whereabouts. It felt like a relief, really.”

There’s another key figure in the song and that’s the princess, who is in fact Kyrre’s daughter Majken, who stars in the music video:

“There’s been a couple of tough moments working with this song. Recording the lead vocals, filming Majken by the sea… Let’s hope the soundwaves reach all the way down to the bottom of the ocean. I know Kyrre’s gonna like this one!”

Watch and listen to impactful single ‘Neptune’ below, and keep in mind that this the second single from the band’s forthcoming debut album, The Afterdrop. The journey doesn’t stop here!

You can also find ‘Neptune’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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