‘Neon Sunrise’ is the uplifting, alternative gem from Indiana’s The Bergamot

Anyone who has been reading our recent posts this month, you’ll know that we’re craving music that gives us a break from the Christmas glare and glow, because life goes on and it’s not all about one holiday. That doesn’t mean we want all doom and gloom either and so when we came across the dazzling song title ‘Neon Sunrise’, we knew that we’d found something special.

This single is the recent work of Indiana duo The Bergamot (Nathaniel Paul Hoff & Jillian Speece) who have been making music together since 2009 and they clearly haven’t lost their passion. ‘Neon Sunrise’ is such an uplifting and life-affirming listen with those honeyed melodies, folksy warmth and experimental time signatures. Not only does this track keep you on your toes with its dynamic creativity but it’s also an instant pick-me-up. As the band explains, it’s designed to remind the listener of “watching the sun crest the horizon and feeling the energy of a new day.”

Considering that this song was recorded all over the US in different improvised spaces during quarantine, we can understand where this heartwarming message came from and it’s one we’re in need of now just as much as we did in 2020. You’ll also find more reassuring indie gems in the band’s recently released album, Far Out.

Watch the official video for ‘Neon Sunrise’ below and you can also listen to the track in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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