Hope Whitelock’s ‘Kafkaesque’ is the essential indie listen for burnouts

In this current age of self-improvement and pursuit of perfectionism, we’re often encouraged to search within on some introverted journey of self reflection, but that’s not so easy for some. What if you don’t like what you find inside? That’s the idea with Hope Whitelock‘s recent single ‘Kafkaesque’.

It’s a melancholic and wandering piece of lofi indie from the soul of this former gifted kid and current burnout. It sits somewhere between slacker-pop and bedroom-indie, since Whitelock‘s lullaby-style vocals gives a softer edge to the heavily reverberated strings and the off-kilter percussion. Even the song’s title evokes the looming shadows of sheer depression, imposter syndrome, and self loathing, being that Franz Kafka’s literary world is one of the nightmarish and illogical. The repeated melodies mirror how Whitelock often finds herself trapped in this cycle of trying versus burning out, of people pleasing versus not caring, of self-belief versus doubt. It’s a feeling that many in a mode of transition will go through, as is the case for Whitelock who is currently pursuing PhD at the University of Colorado Boulder, in spite of everyone thinking it’s a horrible idea.

We see a lot of ourselves in ‘Kafkaesque’ (doesn’t everyone who runs a music blog in 2022?), so come with us to indulge in a bit of woozy, indie self-indulgence.

You can also listen to ‘Kafkaesque’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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