‘Where’s The Spark (If Not In You)’ is the sophomore single from emerging indie quintet Lusa Morena

It’s no secret that we’re all in need of more empathy. It might seem like a small thing, especially in the face of the events of the past few years, but it’s the very least that we can all contribute to balance out the negativity. However, some people don’t have that thought process and they’re quick to dismiss others struggles and put their experiences first. We’ve all had a friend, relative, or acqaintance like that. You might be at a loss for words when encountering such carelessness and so London-based band Lusa Morena are stepping up to the plate with their subtle middle-finger track ‘Where’s The Spark (If Not In You)’.

As the band go on to explain, this track was written during the pandemic (like so many indie gems!), but this message continues to be relatable.

Front woman Bárbara Almeida shares, “I wrote this song during the lockdown period when I felt particularly lonely and the thoughts trapped in my head got increasingly louder and louder, to the point when I couldn’t ignore them anymore. It’s funny when people say ‘it’s all in your head. Snap out of it.’. Well, duh! I know it’s in my head – that’s precisely the problem! There is no immediate escape, like an on & off switch, because it’s a mental issue and when you least expect it, you get a wave of intrusive thoughts rushing through your mind. I got them when I was about the sleep, when I was asleep, or when I would be waking up or even doing mundane things driving me into panic attacks.”

Always receptive to Almeida‘s ideas, the five-piece band came together to create slanting, alt-rock soundscape to perfectly suit this stream-of-consciousness. You’ll hear the spiraling, psychdelic strings of guitarist and songwriter Zé Pedro Viveiros (Zed) and guitarist Lisa Marie, the unctuous grooves of bassist Bernardo Rodeiro (Bernie), and the tempestuous percussion of drummer Lourenço Tato (Louro).

The melody is what will first get you into ‘Where’s The Spark’, it’s so sincere and evocative – it has that stop-you-in-your-tracks effect. However, as the song progresses, it’s the intensity that’ll keep you here, because this track is all about create a moment of pure, passionate escapism. Even by the half way point, we’re entirely ready to take the leap and loose ourselves in Lusa Morena‘s world.

You can also listen to ‘Where’s The Spark (If Not In You)’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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