ICYMI… Paul Vinson’s hat-trick ‘Final Show’

Has there ever been a more enigmatic single to share as we approach the end of the year? ‘Final Show’ from Paul Vinson came out a little while ago, but we decided that this one was so good that it deserved a little bit of limelight. Throughout this year, we featured Vinson‘s other tracks ‘Drama Queen’ and ‘Keep Up’ which followed the artist’s theme of mental health and while ‘Final Show’ makes a departure from this topic, it’s still an insightful and introspective piece of songwriting.

The Nashville musician is always so vulnerable in his writing, as you’ll hear in this heart-wrenching narrative. What starts out as a simple love story like any other so reveals itself to be more complicated. Below, Vinson shares the backstory.

“This song is about falling in love with my partner while she was with someone else and then eventually realizing that we were in love and meant to be. Verse for verse you get different blips of our story and how we fell for each other. The chorus embodies the naive excitement, the reckless feeling that came with falling for each other and realizing that though our friends thought we were crazy we knew we weren’t.”

That intense mixture of naivety and excitement comes through the upbeat tempo, the country-pop guitars and Vinson‘s expressive vocals which unashamedly share those emotions. Ultimately the message is that life’s too short to keep what’s in your heart to yourself – be honest & be true.

You can find ‘Final Show’ in our Folk This Way and Shades of Pop playlists.

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