ICYMI… meadowhip’s mosaic grooves, R&B, soul & indie-pop, ‘Am I Broken’

Another one of our 2022 throwbacks comes from Australia’s meadowhip who we featured earlier this year with the soulful and groovy ‘Iconic’. Another track from this emerging talent that we’re making sure doesn’t fly under the radar is the provocatively titled ‘Am I Broken’. From a one-sided perspective, this moody indie gem reflects the interior thoughts of someone who thinks of themselves as “the problematic one” in an intimate relationship.

This track emerged from a group songwriting retreat at Sydney’s The Artist Studio and was produced by neo-soul sweetheart Chelsea Warner. Below, meadowhip recalls that collaboration.

“When [Australiana folk artist] Suzi showed us her idea for the first verse, I thought it was so vulnerable and elegant and I figured we’d end up with a beautiful, mournful type of song. But the longer I sat with it the more I thought – I can squeeze a bit of humour into this, I can make it mine.”

As was the case with meadowhip‘s preceding single, ‘Am I Broken’ uses a mosaic of seductive grooves and hypnotic bass lines to underpin this witty, sarcastic narrative. The musician might be bringing a whole load of baggage into this relationship, but packed in there is alt-pop hooks, R&B melodies, lofi hip-hop beats, indie guitar lines, and even 1940’s-inspired trumpet played by Sydney’s Tommy Gun. At the heart of this track you’ll find meadowhip‘s luxurious vocals that drift between soulful tones and airy harmonies. The whole track brings an empathetic edge to this character, who is flawed no doubt, but is just as human as any of us.

As a final sign off, the musician shares: “This song is about owning your mess and your part in the breakdown of your relationships, and finding a bit of comedy in it all. Am I broken? Indeed I am, a lot of the time, and I mean, who isn’t? But surely admitting to your flaws is almost as good as not having any, right?”

You can find ‘Am I Broken’ in our Soul & Grooves and Shades of Pop playlist.

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