‘Iconic’ is the soulful & jazzy groover from Australia’s meadowhip

It was just a couple of days ago that we were saying that we love unconventional routes into making music when reviewing Vintz Desert’s ‘Enemy’, and clearly we put something out into the universe, because it replied with another unbelievable story of creative awakening. Back in 2019, Cara Walkam was recovering from a major hemorrhagic stroke and part of her healing process was making music and writing poetry, which led to the birth of her project meadowhip. Taking inspiration from her favourite soul-centered artists like Solange, Tame Impala, Erykah Badu and Frank Ocean, Walkam began to express her thoughts and feelings on what she calls “the big three – capitalism, patriarchy, and myself.”

With two singles already under her belt, ‘Iconic’ is her third release and first in 2022. It’s a realistic romantic portrayal of relationships in which people aren’t perfect but they somehow just flow together. There’s a natural sway to these easy-going connections mirrored in the sumptuous grooves and winding melodies of this track. meadowhip lifts those vibes even higher with jazzy keys, lofi hip-hop beats, soul-R&B hooks and the unmissable trumpet courtesy of Sydney’s Tommy Gun.

Here, meadowhip gives us a little further insight into the meaning behind ‘Iconic’:

“To me, being an iconic couple means being unique and distinctive as individuals, and being extraordinary as a pair. I’ve been thinking about how neither my partner nor myself have ever managed to exercise any real control over our lives, and about how immature and distracted and unhinged we both are. And how we’ve still managed to cobble together a super solid, delicious relationship. Like sure, we can’t keep the kitchen clean and we live with the ongoing trauma of my stroke, but we’re vibing the whole time.”

This smooth groover really is all about the imperfect beauty of love.

‘Iconic’ can also be found in our Soul & Grooves playlist.

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