Comforts imbue cinematic romance into new indie single ‘The City’

There’s an immortal romanticism in moving to a new city, with all its enriching sights, sounds and people; perhaps it provides the new opportunity to fall in love and to be swept up in a whirlwind romance. One band who are capturing this screen-worthy possibility is the Brighton-based band Comforts with their suitably named new single ‘The City’.

From the outset, this song invites in a sense of curiosity as one imagines a lamp-lit nighttime cityscape outstretched in front of them. A richly reverberated guitar and bass fills the initial space with romantic tension over which clear, elongated vocal tones further the emotional narrative through poetic lyrics. This soundtrack keeps building up with shuffles polka rhythm and a feel-good surf-rock motifs, like the backing vocal “oohs”, loose drums and beachy strings. Eventually, we hit the track’s zenith after two and a half minutes and the guitar-led swell continues on into the proverbial horizon.

Summing up what this song is all about, Comforts share:

“The City is about falling in love with someone in a new city, where everything is different. Somehow, it’s about establishing a connection between those two things and the emotions brought from that. We’re based in Brighton but none of us grew up here, so I suppose a lot of the lyrics have been channelled through reflecting back to earlier years, moving from our homes and starting new. We’ve met some amazing people along the way and I think it’s a bit of a nod to all the people we have been lucky enough to meet so far.”

You can listen to ‘The City’ below or check it out in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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