Let’s get lost with energetic, indie-rockers San Quentin

It’s bands like San Quentin that get us really excited about rock music. It’s a genre with real staying power, but that also means it gets co-opted by the charts and gentrified by industry plants who are chasing the streams. However, authentic outfits like this bunch of working class musicians from Southend-on-Sea put back into it that voice of rebellion, of fighting the status quo, of understanding what real life actually is. You can hear that grit and energy right throughout San Quentin‘s new single ‘You’re Lost’.

This vibrant slice of British indie-rock is an anthem for those who are lost, straying from the path and looking to find their own destiny. It was written by the band’s primary songwriter Liam Cass as a way to explore the damaging effects of toxic content on young minds and how to fight back against the negative view of the world portrayed by the media. It’s all too easy to be influenced by these messages, but the unflinching honesty and rock’n’roll spirit of ‘You’re Lost’ seeks to cut through to nonsense. Our favourite line from the track has to be “you’re lost! And that’s okay,” because San Quentin doesn’t claim to have all the answers either.

With a thundering drum beat, low piano chords and searing guitars, ‘You’re Lost’ continually reminds the listener of how dark and serious the media can be. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, since that catchy, bright chorus offers a ray of hope and optimism for the future.

You can listen to ‘You’re Lost’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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