Take that leap with Tycho Jones’ ‘Risk To My Reward’

Tycho Jones is back and sounding better than ever. The London-based Indie pop talent took a break to work on their mental health and from that time has emerged a rejuvenated passion for music. New single ‘Risk To My Reward’ is all about the growth that comes from stepping out of your comfort zone – we don’t get anywhere by playing it safe all the time.

“Risk to my reward is about the thrill of the chase — the pursuit of a dream, a lover, a friendship. Taking the risks necessary in order to progress and grow.”

In keeping with this theme of self-belief, ‘Risk To My Reward’ is one hell of a confident belter, built on unmissable guitar hooks, stomping drums and Jones’ infectious lyrics. By the time that second chorus comes around outlook, you’ll be singing in tandem with Tycho. One could also imagine the high-octane energy and singalong momenta to be a fan favourite at live shows.

As well as the music, Tycho Jones has also been remaining his performance stake by working with a choreographer. The result is equal parts spontaneity and purposefulness, as you’ll see in the video below.

Check out ‘Risk To My Reward‘ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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