Listen to Lina Maxine’s high-drama rock’n’roll anthem ‘Let Me’

Self proclaimed “Rock-n-Roll Chic” Lina Maxine recently released a new single that further supports her bold approach to making music. ‘Let Me’ welcomes an exciting new phase in this emerging rocker’s career as she combines alternative pop motifs into the classic rock sounds. It’s up-tempo but it’s also punk, so this track really has the best of both worlds.

Written, produced, recorded and mixed in-house by Lina Maxine and Dean Aladay, you might be surprised to hear that this indie-rock anthem was inspired by James Bond theme songs. As Maxine explains:

“‘LET ME’ is about the power of human embrace in the face of adversity, with commanding lyrics conveying strength and drawing people closer together. I wanted to kick off 2023 with a passionate song that offers emotional support to listeners, eliciting hope and a real sense of connection to music, and to each other.”

Like many of those 007 songs, this one starts out reserved, building up the anticipation with warm piano chords and a femme fatale voice. Those husky vocal tones leads us into powerful guitar riffs, earthy bass lines and punchy drums, all of which give off an air of subtle nostalgic and pure drama.

You can also listen to ‘Let Me‘ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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