Alba James’ indie-folk single ‘Wake Up In Your Eyes’ captures magical love

Alba James‘ new single ‘Wake Up In Your Eyes’ is a captivating love song that showcases the artist’s impressive songwriting and producing skills. The song tells a personal story of a love that inspires wonder and desire, from the perspective of wanting to see the world through a partner’s eyes.

Recorded entirely in her own studio in Skara, Sweden, this song has a raw and intimate quality that is impossible to resist. Alba James‘ vocals are delicate yet powerful, conveying the emotional depth of the lyrics with ease. The song’s instrumentation is sparse but effective, with gentle acoustic guitar chords providing the perfect backdrop for those soothing and wistful vocal tones.

What really sets ‘Wake Up In Your Eyes’ apart is the way that it captures the magic of collaboration and inspiration. Quite suitably for a love song, it was Alba‘s partner that played a crucial role in the creation of the song, providing the verse melody and helping to flesh out the chorus. The result is a track that feels deeply personal and authentic, reflecting the genuine connection between two people in love. With its dreamy atmosphere and personal lyrics, it is sure to resonate with listeners who appreciate music that comes straight from the heart.

As a final sign off before we let you did into the single, the songwriter gives us a little insight into the watery photo taken for the upcomong album, from which ‘Wake Up In Your Eyes’ has been lifted:

“The photoshoot for the album cover was particularly cold. I do not recommend going out on a Swedish lake in winter without a coat, even though the pictures turned out great. Not again.”

You can also listen to ‘Wake Up In Your Eyes’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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