Arliston announce fourth EP with luscious indie gem ‘How In Heaven’

Next on our listening rotation this fine Friday is a lo-fi indie pop gem from South London duo Arliston. The two-halves of this project are Jack Ratcliffe and George Hasbury who took the the studio, with the aid of drummers Sylvan Strauss and Sam Catchpole and horn players Sam Scott and Dan Berry, to capture their unique sound and impeccable production choices. The result of that time is their fourth EP (due for release this summer) and from that we can already listen to the impactful new single ‘How In Heaven’.

Formed out of dreamy electronic textures and immense percussive drum patterns, the track plunges the listener into a lush and immersive soundscape that encourages closer listening to those melancholic yet meditative vocals. Strung upon the questioning line, “how in heaven did I walk over you?”, the lyrics tell the story of a broken relationship and the regret that comes with realizing what was lost. Ratcliffe’s vocal performance is filled with longing and emotion, something that’s much aided by the sympathetic soundtrack. It’s a powerful and relatable sentiment, that might have listeners reflecting upon their own past mistakes or missed opportunities in love.

Arliston’s ‘How in Heaven’ is a stunning example of electronic-laced indie-pop at its finest, with expertly crafted production and introspective lyrics that don’t trade in originality for relatability.

With their fourth EP set to release in the coming months, the duo are poised to capture the adoration of many new listeners, and ‘How in Heaven’ isn’t a bad place to start. Be sure to check it out in our Outsiders Club playlist too!

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