Jakob The Liar delivers anthemic rock-tinged track ‘Heartbeat’

With the isolated sound of a heartbeat, we’re introduced to the music of Danish-born London-based Jakob The Liar. From this beginning, we couldn’t help but be intrigued by where that innate rhythm would lead us. This appropriately titled track ‘Heartbeat’ has been lifted from the artist’s upcoming album, The Great Awakening, and we can guarantee it’s going to an introspective journey of immense proportions.

As we go further into the lead song, we begin to unravel a sense of freedom and vitality, despite being the historical-inspired setting of confinement and repression. As it happens, the singer-songwriter behind the moniker Jakob The Liar is Jakob Kupferberg, and he shares a strong connection (and a name) with his ancestor who was imprisoned in a concentration camp in World War II. Yet, this song places the importance of hope and resilience even in the face of such adversity. It’s also something that the artist carries on into his own modern-day life, referring to his own mental health crisis as a transformative experience that taught him to appreciate life’s joys and to take things gradually.

With this context in hand, the pop-infused folk-rock sound that have been skillfully blended with a message of optimism, self-belief and personal conviction begin to take on an ever greater meaning. You really have to appreciate Jakob The Liar‘s vulnerability here and it’s one that will make this universal message find the ears, hearts and minds of those that need it most.

Check out ‘Heartbeat’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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