Adam O’Rua reveals spellbinding visual for ‘Rainfall’

We never thought we would be jealous of someone getting caught in a thunderstorm but having watched the incredibly captivating music video for ‘Rainfall’ by Irish virtuoso Adam O’Rua, now we relish the idea! The soothing colours, the serene arrangements, the echoing instrumentation and the warm lyrics entice you to let go, join in and get lost in the current as it sweeps you away. 

Entirely self-produced, ‘Rainfall’ is the emblem of O’Rua’s artistic thoughtfulness. Tapping at the crossroads of RnB and iconic 80’s style synth-scapes, this track showcases an exquisite sound palette, that quenches the listener’s need for tender yet alluring music.

‘Rainfall’ provides a candid hopefulness, which encourages you to entrust the rain to wash away the past, purify and cleanse you in preparation for Spring and new beginnings. The visual pairs with the music so immaculately, it’s almost as if one cannot live without the other. Evocative, enchanting and utterly transformative, ‘Rainfall’ is creative, cathartic and spellbindingly beautiful. 


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