Rauly’s ‘Lost It’ is an emotionally charged alt-rock meets indie-pop must listen

Emerging from California’s expansive and always exciting music scene is Rauly, an impassioned artist who showcases his ability to create melancholic music with an upbeat feel that is both impactful and jarring. His newest single is ‘Lost It’, an indie anthem that’s jam-packed with honest lyricism and unique blend of genres between indie-pop, alt-rock and pop-punk.

From the very start of the song, you can’t help but be captivated as it starts with a revitalizing drum loop that sets the tone for the rest of the arrangement. Before too long, Rauly‘s warm vocals enter the chat, accompanied by a bass line that harkens back to ’00s rock styles. The shoegazey electric guitar weaves into the instrumentation as Rauly sings about the cost of replacing a broken heart. His vulnerability is emphasised by a seamless transition into a more spacious and atmospheric sound, with arpeggiated guitar pulling on those heart-strings (or at least the place where they used to be). What makes this radio-ready track really stand out is all those little details that makes the complete arrangement come alive – the peppy strings, vibrant rhythm, 00s vocal effects and so on.

Rauly‘s honesty about topics such as love, heartbreak, shame, anxiety, substance abuse, and uncertainty make for relatable and emotional music. ‘Lost It’ firmly positions this young creative as someone who has come of age, and is now shifting gears from his early work and delivering with grace.

‘Lost It’ was written and produced by Rauly and with co-production from the platinum award winning Busco.

You can also listen to ‘Lost It‘ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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